Sugar & Inquiry

Pool ideas and brainstorm prior knowledge using the Labyrinth activity.
Save the brainstorm in the Journal and refer back later.

Begin reading and exploring with the Browse activity.
Collect and share useful pages save them in the Journal.
Explore together and collect web pages as a group.

Annotate and analyze with the Read activity.
Highlight passages, keep bookmarks with notes and save them to the journal.
Work with others to analyze one document in real time.

Take notes and save them to the Journal with the Write activity.
Collaborate (read, write, and edit) in real time with other group members.

Orginize and reference sources with the Bibliography activity.
Keep them in the Journal with context and descriptions.

Choose a way to present.
Sugar provides many activities to tell stories.
Use FotoToon (upper right) to create a comic or diagram, Physics (right) to simulate something, TurtleBlocks (above) to make something interactive or animated; the possibilities are endless with purpose built activities.

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